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Pirates of the Caribbean Vore Fanfic.

I do not own anything here except the writing. Characters/settings/ships etc all belong to the studio/creators of Pirates of the Caribbean.

WARNING: This story contains soft vore with no death or digestion. You have been warned, no likey vore, no likey this story... have a nice day.

Note: This takes place shortly after the third film, maybe a few months after.

Captain Jack Sparrow sighed cheerfully, leaning on a piece of rigging as he looked out at the ocean. Actually he wasn’t so much cheerful as trying to sober up enough to stop leaning on the rigging without falling over. He was doing this, smiling slightly inanely as the rest of the crew was fast asleep below deck.
He frowned and squinted slightly as a shape slowly began to appear on the horizon, another ship, which initially he didn’t pay much attention to… until he recognised the scarred and warped wood of the Flying Dutchman. He frowned and put a hand on his chest, checking that he still had a heartbeat, concluding that he did indeed, he began to wonder why the vessel of the dead was coming towards his anchored ship.
Within ten minutes it had swept up to the side of Jack’s ship, the crewmembers leaning menacingly over the side towards him.
He frowned, “Ahoy… what are you doing ‘ere?”
The replying call came from the stern of the Dutchman, the familiar form of Will standing looking at him. “Because Captain Jack Sparrow… you lost a card game with one of my crew members on your ship last night… A card game for three months of your life.”
Jack frowned, swaying alarmingly where he stood. “No… don’ remember that at all…”
“Whether you do or not Jack… you’re ours for the next three months!” replied Will sharply.
“But if I don’ remember it I don’t see…”
“NOW Jack!” snapped the captain of the Flying Dutchman, and before Jack could object, two gnarled, burly crewmembers had grabbed him by the shoulders and dragged him onto their deck.
Then, faster than Jack would have expected, the ship turned and sailed away. He pulled himself up and leaned on the railing, looking forlornly at the disappearing form of his own vessel. “Oh it took me weeks to get that back…”
Will chuckled and stamped down from the upper deck, letting a crewmember take the helm. “Welcome once again to the Flying Dutchman Jack… you’ll be with us for the next three months… no escapes.”
“Well that soundssalright to me!” said Jack, swaying slightly as he gestured around, “Couple of months free cruise on the Flying Dutchman… could be alot worse…” he walked carelessly to the other side of the boat and leaned on the wooden rail, “course… woulda been a lot worse when this thing was all… rotting and stuff…”
Will smiled slightly, “Oh Jack… this won’t be just any pleasure cruise… and you certainly won’t enjoy it…”
Jack looked at him unfocusedly, “Where do you keep the rum?!”
Will sighed and pointed to the door to his own cabin, smiling slightly as Jack sauntered past him and stamped through the door. He followed, still smiling slightly, locking the door behind him as he approached Jack, who was noisily searching for Rum bottles. “You’re not going to get any rum Jack…”
Jack frowned, swinging around to face him, “No rum? What kind of pirate ship is this?!”
“Oh we have rum here… it’s just that… you won’t be getting any… here…” he poured some foul smelling brown liquid into a metal cup and thrust it at Jack, “Try a real man’s drink.”
Jack frowned and looked into the mug, sniffing it slightly, wrinkling his nose for a long moment before taking a drink of it and making a face, smacking his lips a little. “It’s not as bad as it smells… but it’s the worst thing I’ve ever smelt.” He stated before flopping forwards, unconscious on the floor.
Will shook his head and yanked Jack into a sitting position against a wall “You’re still a bloody fool Jack Sparrow.” He stood back and watched as the liquid began to take its effect on Jack, a unique concoction of all sorts of things from the spirit worlds… it slowly shrank Jack down bit by bit, until the fully grown man was only three inches tall, laying flat on the floor, snoring in an extremely ungentlemanly fashion.
Will sighed softly and picked up the little form, holding him in one hand as he frowned at him. “Really… I don’t know how it’s possible that you’re still alive if that’s the best survival instinct you have.” He lifted the little form up slightly towards his mouth, considering for a moment before wincing and extending his arm so that Jack was as far away from his face as he could be. “Jeez Jack… have you ever heard the word ‘wash’ at all?!” He walked over to a table and dropped Jack into a jug of water that sat there.
Amazingly this didn’t wake Jack up, and Will had to grab him again before he drowned. Then the captain of the Flying Dutchman pulled up a chair and sat down at the table, dunking Jack roughly a few more times before shaking some of the water off him and dropping him on the table, amazed that the little pirate was still fast asleep. Shaking his head he gave the little man a prod in the ribs, grinning as Jack muttered something for a moment before slowly waking up.

There was a very long pause now as Jack stared around him, frowning, apparently trying to figure out what was wrong with what he was seeing. Several times he opened his mouth as if to speak and then stopped, looking puzzled. Finally Will got impatient and spoke first. “Yes Jack… you’re smaller than normal.”
“Oh is that what it is?” asked Jack, sitting up, looking around him. “I thought I was just very drunk…” he slurred slightly on this.
“Jack… you’re probably very drunk as well…”
Jack squinted at him and then nodded, “That sounds more like it.”
Will nodded slightly, “and do you know why you’re smaller than normal?”
Jack frowned, “I don’t think so no…”
Will nodded, picking him up again. “Well… this is how you’ll be spending your time here on the Flying Dutchman…”
Jack frowned, “Well I don’t see how I can do much of anything like this…”
Will smiled darkly, “Oh you’ll be doing plenty…” he said softly.
Jack looked at him with a frown, “how?”
Will smiled again, “You’ll see… you’ll be spending your stay in a very unusual ship’s brig of sorts…”
“The brig eh? I suppose that could still be worse…”
“No Jack… not THE brig… my own personal brig…” he brought the man closer to his mouth, “savvy?”
Jack frowned, not understanding at all really… downright confused actually.
Will shrugged and with a grin, shoved the little man into his mouth.
Jack exclaimed loudly in surprise and started to struggle indignantly at this.
Will chuckled and licked at him, purposefully squashing him to the roof of his mouth, finding the little kicks ticklish and amusing. The little pirate still tasted pretty odd to be honest, but the little wriggles and shouts were delightful.
Will chuckled and licked at him again and again, covering him thickly in saliva as he rolled him around in his mouth.
Jack shouted angrily at this treatment, protesting strongly.
Will chuckled at this and gently shoved the form backwards with his tongue, tipping his head a little, hearing the cries increase in volume and pitch. He grinned and gave a firm gulp, putting a hand to his throat as the little form’s head and shoulders were forced inside, relatively easily due to all of the slicking up.
Jack screamed and kicked and hurled insults at Will, not really sure if this was real or some kind of alcohol induced hallucination. He only got more alarmed however as he was tightly squashed and felt himself being shifted firmly into a tight tunnel of flesh.
Will chuckled and gulped again, frowning as he felt his throat muscles seize up a little when there was a particularly strong wriggle. With an annoyed sound he put two fingers in his mouth and pushed Jack’s feet hard, forcing the pirate further down his throat with a smile. This made it easier and he replaced the hand on his throat as a smooth bulge became visible, showing that Jack’s torso was passing through. He rubbed at it, smiling before gulping again a few times, sending the form sliding on down, past his collarbone and into his chest.
Grinning, he ran a hand over the smooth skin, ignoring the scar that marked it so badly slightly to one side, over where his heart should be. The delicious little squirms and wriggles making him laugh softly.
After a long and very pleasant moment, he felt Jack fall through into his stomach and he laughed again as the little pirate struggled to stand up, now doubly dizzied from the alcohol and the squishy floor.

Jack shouted angrily as he repeatedly fell on his face, furious at this indignity but knowing he wasn’t going to die… it was against Will’s ability to kill someone who only owed him three months. He frowned and gave up, lying in an undignified position, panting. The floor was incredibly soft, forming to his body and making it almost impossible to stand up. There was a steady rush of breathing, a sound that made his head spin a little it was so loud… and the most alarming thing of all… no heartbeat… he could feel a heartbeat reverberating in the hot flesh… but couldn’t hear it at all… that was of course because Will’s heart was firmly locked away in a chest somewhere else in the world. Jack shuddered, making a disgusted face as he kicked angrily at the floor. “Let me out of here! I demand you let me out!” he said in his best ‘angry captain’ voice. He shuddered again as the wall he was nearby shook suddenly as it was patted at and a loud but slightly muffled, “You’re not coming out Jack.” Was heard. He tried to stand up again in anger, failing miserably and just ending up falling over again with a loud splat. “You’re way too much of a pain to have around on deck Jack… this is much better… especially for me.”
“Isn’t this cannibalism?!” snapped Jack, trying again to get up.
“Not unless I digest you Jack… and believe me… that is the last thing I want to do.”
“But why have you put me here?”
“Because it feels nice Jack, now you’d better make sure you squirm like a good boy otherwise your stay will become very uncomfortable.”
“Oh come on… what else can you do to me?!”
There was a rumbling chuckle that made the area shake slightly, “How would you feel about three months sober… not even a sniff of alcohol.”
Jack froze, “S… sober?”
“But I don’t know how to be sober any more!”
“Then you’d better behave,” came the reply, followed by another chuckle.
“But… but…. but…”
“No buts Jack… perhaps you should learn something from this.”
“Be suspicious when someone asks for a card game in which the stakes seem to be periods of time?”
“No Jack… never play cards at all because you suck at it.”
“I’d like to inform you I’m actually rather good at it!”
“What game were you playing?”

Will sighed, this argument would carry on all night if he went on like this, so he stretched and rubbed at his stomach, grinning as Jack hurriedly crawled away from the affected wall. With a chuckle he stood up and finished stretching, feeling Jack grab onto the floor and groan, the movement apparently not agreeable. Smiling at this he immediately headed out of the cabin and onto the very front of the bow of the ship, leaning on the railing. He closed his eyes, listening to the strong wind and enjoying the rough rocking of the boat, the sea being extremely agitated by the bad weather causing plenty of waves to make this a rough ride. After only a couple of minutes of this he could tell that his small occupant was feeling thoroughly ill, flopping about slightly every time the boat moved, shouting many objections and obscenities. He laughed softly, resting a hand on his stomach, loving the strange feeling of the movements. He had no trouble at all dealing with the movements of the boat, so it was all the funnier to him that Jack was having so much trouble. He stretched cheerfully, rubbing at the disoriented man, amused as Jack’s insults slowly became less and less as the man either became exhausted or even sicker. Chuckling softly, Will slowly walked back up to the upper deck at the stern of the ship, taking over the helm. They were headed to the spirit world again, with another lot of damned souls, and he always insisted on being the one in control when they crossed over. He chuckled softly as he called, “ALL CREW PREPARE FOR THE CROSSING!” rubbing his stomach gently as he said softly “You’d better prepare yourself Jack… because this is going to scare you stupid…” and with that he flicked the wheel skilfully to one side and then back again, this having an abnormal effect on the flying Dutchman, where most boats would simply slow down at such treatment, the ship of the dead quite literally rolled over in the water. The crew all hung on firmly to rails and rigging, well practiced in the crossing over by now. Will calmly stayed where he was, his arms crossed through the spokes of the wheel, holding himself in place.

Jack shouted in alarm as the world turned upside down, his first, drunken thoughts ones of escape, he fumbled around looking for the way he’d come in, stopping suddenly as he listened, realising that the silence he’d been aware of before was suddenly different… there was no breathing at all! And the sounds of outside… wind… weather… shouts of crew members… they were all gone, replaced by a strange muteness and distant roaring…a sound he knew well… underwater sound! Terrified as he suddenly felt an odd air pressure and realised it was because of that, he shouted again and beat his fists on the flesh, “WHAT THE HELL IS GOIN’ ON?!” the lack of response alarmed him even further, he couldn’t even feel Will moving! What was wrong?! Had something bad happened?! What could possibly be going on?! What if he was going to drown?! Shouting and screaming he kicked and punched at the walls, terrified.

Will smiled slightly as he felt this, still calmly hanging onto the wheel, waiting until there was a sudden rushing sound and the centre of gravity shifted, the ship becoming upright under the water. Will grinned as Jack tumbled back to the bottom of his stomach again at this, closing his eyes as with an even louder rushing noise, the ship burst upright through the surface of the water, emerging into the other realm. Will sighed, stretching as the water ran off the deck of the ship, leaving it gleaming in the pale, slightly surreal sunlight. He rested a hand on his stomach, feeling Jack panting at the back of it, apparently tired and confused after his little freak out episode.
Will chuckled, shaking some of the water out of his hair and calling, “Helmsman, take over,” waiting for the crewman to come and take the wheel “You know where to go.” He smiled, walking back to his cabin and locking the door after himself, leaning on it, grinning, “I think I need a drink.”

Jack immediately at up at this, a slightly inane smile returning to his face, “Drink?” all of the last hour’s insanities seemed not to matter as he heard that word, immediately moving to a wall and prodding at it hopefully, repeating, “Drink?”

Will laughed, “Sorry Jack… not for you.”
“But… how can you drink and me not get any?” asked the tiny pirate, confused.
Will laughed, tensing his stomach muscles and leaning forwards, “Like this,” he said, carefully coughing the little man up again. Jack objected fearfully, not knowing what was going on until Will spat him out into one hand. He looked up at Will, shaking his head, confused. “I’m… out?”
Will nodded, dropping him into an open jar and setting it down on the table. Jack immediately tried to scramble up out of the jar but found himself just unable to reach the top, and fell back with a noisy shout of objection.

Will laughed softly as he walked away to get a bottle of rum, returning to the table a moment later, watching Jack struggle to climb out of the jar as he sat down and put the bottle in plain sight.
Jack immediately forgot about escaping the jar and stared at the bottle, a slow grin spreading across his face as he put his hands up on the glass.
Will smiled as he watched this, shaking his head slowly before lifting the bottle and taking a long drink, watching Jack stare at him fixedly. He set the bottle down again with a laugh, “Jack, I did tell you that you weren’t going to get any rum…”
Jack looked at him, tilting his head slightly, “But…”
“You’re not having any Jack.”
“But…” Jack was starting to wish he was back inside again where the rum was now… and where it was warm… he blinked in surprise, he was starting to feel temperature again! That meant he was sobering up! “Please Will! You can’t sit there and drink it and not give me any!”
Will chuckled, “Yes I can, and I will.” He got the lid to the jar Jack was in and fixed it down firmly, it had holes in it so the little pirate had no chance of suffocating. Then he took the jar and the bottle of rum and walked over to where he slept, putting Jack and the rum down on a small table next to it as he lay down and kicked off his boots.
Jack frowned, hitting the glass, “HEY! Seriously Will! Give me some rum!”
Will chuckled and relaxed, “What’s the matter Jack? Starting to feel feelings again?”
Jack glared at him, “This isn’t fair!”
“Neither is life Jack,” chuckled Will, relaxing, taking another drink before settling down. “Why don’t you get some sleep?”
Jack scowled, hitting the glass angrily, “Hey! Don’t you dare ignore me like this!”
Will chuckled and turned over, with his back to Jack.
Jack shouted, kicking at the glass angrily, “WILL!”
Will smiled, closing his eyes and dropping off to sleep, ignoring the little thuds and shouts behind him.

Jack tired himself out quickly trying to break the jar or knock it over, eventually falling back, panting and sliding down the wall, curling up in a small ball because it was cold and uncomfortable in the jar. He sighed, closing his eyes… all he could do was wait until Will woke up now… and then hope… if not for rum… maybe for some food and warmth.

Will smiled when he woke up two hours later to silence, turning to see how Jack was doing, seeing the little form curled up on the bottom of the jar, shivering. He smiled slightly, picking up the jar and looking in at Jack. The little pirate moved at once, uncurling to stare at him with large eyes before glaring.
Will laughed softly at this, opening the jar and gently taking Jack out, holding him with a smile, “you look cold.”
Jack scowled, “I AM cold you bastard.”
Will chuckled, “Man I think I’m starting to see why you’re always drunk… you’re much more agreeable.”
“Yeah well give me some rum then!”
Will laughed softly, “If only you’d shown such enthusiasm about saving me from Davy Jones after you set me up like that.”
“Oh is that what this is about?”
Will laughed softly, “No Jack, it isn’t, just thought I’d give you that to think about before I ate you again.”
Jack frowned, “You’re not even going to give me rum?”
Will shook his head, “Nope.”
Jack sighed, going limp in Will’s grasp. “Go on then… do your worst.”
Will shrugged and gently slid Jack into his mouth, knowing the pirate would find his fighting spirit again pretty quickly as he started slicking him up. He was right too, after he started to tip his head back and relax his throat muscles, Jack suddenly started to kick at him and struggle again. He chuckled and gulped hard, easily sucking the little form into his gullet. Jack proceeded to fight him every inch of the way down, but Will had no complaints about the slowed progress since it didn’t hurt at all and prolonged the pleasant sensation until Jack tumbled into his stomach. Then he smiled, settling down in bed again, relaxing, rubbing at his stomach as Jack went quiet and then suddenly wild again.

Jack panted slightly as he fell into the stomach, trying to get his breath back, frowning as he paused and sniffed the air a little… it still smelt of Rum here! Maybe there was some left… he quickly felt over the floor with his hands, finding only disappointment before kicking frustratedly at Will, blaming him for this. He spent a good ten minutes taking out his anger on the walls before finally flopping down in defeat, panting as he fell forwards onto the soft flesh. Well… one day down… two months and thirty days left to go.

What can i say... i was bored... the first of the films was on TV... put the two things together and you end up with a slightly half-assed Fanfic like this one XD I did say to expect some of these random fanfics... so this is the first.

Mature warning because of a few naughty words i used ^^;

Pirates of the Caribbean and all associated characters belong to the studio/creators of the films.
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mousehatsandbowties Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Jawdrop Never, never in my wildest dreams did I ever even hope to find such a gemstone of a story, not even from and goldfox20 never fail to amaze me with your writing!!! 
LiamsLostAngel Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2016
Man this thing is dated now, I almost forgot that it even existed :O But here it is. I suppose it's not a bad little story for... seven years ago lol. Glad you enjoyed it!
AngelLawliet09 Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2015  Student General Artist
Love it, great story hun xx ^-^
LiamsLostAngel Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2015
Thanks! Glad you liked it! ^_^
tortor13 Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2011
LOL! loved the story, u captured their characters perfectly. =)
LiamsLostAngel Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2011
Thanks so much ^_^ I do try to keep characters as close to the source material as I can.
sephypsycologist Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2010  Hobbyist Writer
:rofl: ahahahahaha! That's so funny!
Silencc10113 Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2009  Student Writer
Awesome job! This was really well written. Poor Jack...NO RUM FOR YOU! I never even thought of POTC vore...very cool. <3 it!
LiamsLostAngel Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2009
Heh, i love to go where other writers have not ventured XD
Silencc10113 Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2009  Student Writer
And that my friend is a wonderful thing! NEVER hold back in anything you write!

LiamsLostAngel Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2009
Heheee ^_^ I try not to, what catches my fancy, i write about XD and... someday i normally upload it too XD
Silencc10113 Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2009  Student Writer
I do that all the time....i just never post it cause i get nervous. Im new to writing GTS, GT, etc. I usually write horror and fanfics.

LiamsLostAngel Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2009
Hehe, i have absolutely tons of stuff i've never uploaded, but not because i'm nervous... just because the muse gave out and never let me finish it.

I started off as a horror writer though, but that's all under a different name XD
Silencc10113 Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2009  Student Writer
hehe mine is too. I have a different account for my non stuff.
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risky Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2009  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Finally some PotC vore! You just made my day.
LiamsLostAngel Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2009
Glad you like ^-^
Tsu4444 Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2009
Lmao, loved it. xD
GoldFox20 Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2009

“But I don’t know how to be sober any more!” <-- WIN

LiamsLostAngel Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2009
“What’s the matter Jack? Starting to feel feelings again?”

pookypoo112 Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2009   Writer
it is cute and funny
poor jack not getting his rum
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